Our ‘Catalogue’ of Talks and Tours

For the talks and tours that we’ve scheduled, just visit our ‘calendar’ page. This is a list of all the different online tours that we have in our repertoire – click on the links to find out more about any of them.

Want a ‘private’ tour for groups, organisations, families, companies or others? No problem! Just email uktoursonline@gmail.com for more information.

The London Rock’n’Roll Stroll

The stories behind London’s rock n roll history – Beatles, Stones, Pistols, Bowie and more. Find out more.

The Wonders of St Paul’s Cathedral

Discover the treasures of this magnificent cathedral in this tour of Christopher Wren’s baroque masterpiece. Find out more.

Welcome to Bath

The City of Bath – UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities in England. Find out more.

Archaeology in the City of London

When you walk through the streets of a city, do you ever wonder what treasures might be lying a few metres under your feet? Find out more.

Discover Legal London

Discover where London’s legal history was made, with its quirky traditions – such as why judges and barristers wear wigs. Find out more.

Treasures of the British Museum I – the Ancient World

Join us as we look at some of the magnificent treasures of the ancient world in the British Museum. Find out more.

Winston Churchill: a very full life

We examine the life story of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister. Find out more.

Kensington: A Royal Love Story

The highlights of the Royal Borough of Kensington – the Palace, the Gardens, ‘Albertopolis’ and high society. Find out more.

Shakespeare’s London Life and Times

The London sites associated with England’s most famous playwright. Find out more.

Street Art: Shoreditch and Spitalfields

A virtual walking tour of this exciting corner of the capital to discover the very best street art in London. Find out more.

More Treasures of the British Museum

Seven amazing pieces spanning 4,000 years associated with Britain. Find out more.

The Churchill War Rooms

Explore the rooms of the secret wartime bunker in Whitehall. Find out more.

A Nice Cup of Tea: a history of tea drinking

A short history of that quintessentially British beverage – the cuppa! Find out more.

Tales from Tower Hill

The Tower of London, and the area around the castle, has produced some wonderful stories. Find out more.

The National Gallery London – an introduction

Discover one of the finest collections of paintings in the world.

London’s Burning: the Great Fire of 1666

Find out more about the devastating fire of September 1666 that destroyed 80% of the old City of London. Find out more.

Poets, Precipitation and Pencils

A virtual tour of the English lakes – loved by walkers, tourists and romantic poets for generations. Find out more.

Most Secret: Codebreakers of Bletchley Park

Discover the secrets of Bletchley Park’s codebreakers and the cracking of Enigma. Find out more.

A Walk Around Old Chelsea

An historical virtual stroll through Thameside Chelsea, with local resident Emma Matthews. Find out more.

1000 Years of British Rule: Kings and Queens since William the Conqueror

A virtual tour of the key moments of British monarchical history. Find out more.

Ancient Wessex: Stonehenge, Avebury and more

An exploration of the area in southern England famous for its stone circles and a history going back 9,000 years. Find out more.

Westminster: City of Power and Glory

An online tour where we walk (virtually) through Westminster, taking in the palaces, the abbey and government as we go. Find out more.

What Lies Beneath Part II: the Archaeology of Crossrail

This virtual tour will escort you down into the tunnels and brand new rail stations of Crossrail to have a closer look at the finds unearthed during its construction. Find out more.

From Imperial Outpost to World City: a short history of London

2,000 years of the history of the greatest city in the world, from the Romans to the present day. Find out more.

Shakespeare and Stratford

Discover the birthplace of England’s greatest playwright, as we look at the life and times of William Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon. Find out more.

The London Blitz

Hear the stories of the Blitz, when London was bombed for over nine months in 1940 and 1941. Find out more

Southwark and the South Bank

Southwark, on the south side of London Bridge, is a colourful area of London with a rich and varied history. Find out more

Royal Greenwich

Meridians, Murder and Maritime history. From Royalty to pirates, Greenwich has it all! Find out how such a beautiful part of London can have such a murky past.

Dickens’s London

Join this tour to explore the Great man’s relationship with the Capital.

Literary London

Southwark, on the south side of London Bridge, is a colourful area of London with a rich and varied history. Find out more

Prime Ministers Since 1721

2021 marks 300 years since the first Prime Minister. How has the job changed since then and what of the people who have held this title?

Hidden London

Get off the main tourist routes in this virtual tour of the lesser-known areas of London.

The Cotswolds

This ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ stretching into six counties, boasts some of England’s most breathtakingly unspoilt countryside, beautiful towns, dreamy villages, historic houses and glorious gardens.

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If you would like to arrange any of these as private tours for a group, organisation, family or others, please email us to find out more.

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