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Sunday 17 October 7pm (London time)

Treasures of the British Museum II – treasures from Britain


Discover some of the greatest treasures of the British Museum in this 60 minute Zoom tour of seven objects associated with Britain.

There’s a mysterious Bronze Age cape made of gold, a mummified Iron Age man, the Roman face of Christ and the face of an anglo-saxon warrior. We’ll also hear all about the Lewis chess pieces, be stunned by the artistry of a medieval guitar, and see a beautiful gold cup owned by four royal houses of Europe.

Wednesday 20 October 7pm (London time)

Shakespeare’s London Life and Times

YOUR GUIDE: Tim Barron

Tim Barron, former west end actor, takes you around the London sites associated with England’s most famous playwright.

We ‘meet’ in the Roman amphitheatre rediscovered in 1988 below The Guild Hall to talk of London’s fantastically rich theatrical heritage. Then it’s over the river to the historic coaching inn, The George to imagine a touring theatre venue that William Shakespeare would have recognised from Elizabethan times.

On to Southwark Cathedral, where Charles Dickens was a bell ringer and Edmond Shakespeare (William’s brother) is buried. We will consider the Bishop of Winchester’s ‘geese’ and the 50% royalty he took from Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

Sunday 24 October 6pm (London time)

Kensington: A Royal Love Story

YOUR GUIDE: Rachel Pearson

Join Rachel on this Zoom tour of the Royal Borough of Kensington – the Palace, the Gardens, ‘Albertopolis’ and high society.

The borough of Kensington in central London is rich in culture, arts and science, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Originally a little village located outside the boundary of the city, it was Royalty that put it on the map and changed the course of this area.

In this virtual walk we will use the lens of Royal Patronage to explore the history and development and how it went from a village to being a hub of academia.

Tuesday 26 October 7pm (London time)

Shakespeare and Stratford


Discover the birthplace of England’s greatest playwright, as we look at the life and times of William Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon.

Come with us on a 60 minute virtual tour of the town of Shakespeare’s birth – Stratford upon Avon, a market town with more than 800 years of history.

Along the way we’ll discover more about the life and times of the Bard of Avon, about his parents, wife and children and why Stratford upon Avon is still a memorable place to visit.

Save the date. On 28 October join us for a FREE event -spooky stories, haunted theatres, ghostly sitings, strange tales from London and beyond.

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Wednesday 3 November 7pm (London time)

London’s Amazing Automobiles

YOUR GUIDE: Tim Barron

Self confessed car ‘nut’ Tim talks you through London’s rich motoring heritage. From Royal cars to a Amphicars, and everything in between.

Let Tim introduce you to London’s love affair with the motor car.

We will discuss some of the magnificent Rolls Royces and Daimlers, kept in the Royal Mews alongside famous fictional cars; James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, the wonders of Del Boy’s three-wheeled Reliant van and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

All that plus Sir Malcom Campbell’s record breaking Bluebirds constructed in what is now a chic Kings Road cafe, the impracticalities of taking an Amphicar up the Thames, Taxi law and legend, Formula E racers and the answer to that perennial question “Why do we drive on the left?”

Sunday 7 November 5pm (London Time)

What Lies Beneath I: Archaeology in the City of London


Part 1 of Leo’s exploration of the secrets under our feet in London. Part 2 follows at 7pm. (each tour is a ‘stand alone’ so you don’t have to sign up for both)

“Leo was fabulous. Extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”

On this virtual walking tour of the City of London, we will trace the City’s history through its archaeology and examine some of the most exciting and unusual finds. The Roman settlement of the 1st and 2nd century AD offers up amazing remains at every turn: the ruins of the amphitheatre beneath the City’s art gallery, to sections of the Roman wall revealed by the Blitz; from Medieval hoards, to plague pits under railway stations! The perfect tour for all those interested in what can be found beneath the ground as well as what is currently above it!

“Leo Heaton is an exceptional guide; great sense of humour, well prepared and is someone who can make any topic interesting!”

Sunday 7 November 7pm (London Time)

What Lies Beneath II: the Archaeology of Crossrail


Leo is back to take another adventure below the surface of London’s topsoil! Part 1 precedes this at 5pm. (each tour is a ‘stand alone’ so you don’t have to sign up for both)

Part two of Leo’s ‘Archaeology in the City’ series, this virtual tour will escort you down into the tunnels and brand new rail stations of Europe’s largest ever infrastructure project, Crossrail, to have a closer look at the finds unearthed during its construction.

From everyday items to rare treasures – come and explore the sites and some of the objects that this remarkable project uncovered. Is it true that bodies were discovered still carrying the plague? What gruesome discovery had to make way for the new Liverpool Street station ticketing hall? And why on earth were 13,000 jam jars buried underneath Tottenham Court Road?!

Wednesday 10 November 7pm (London time)

Royal Greenwich: Meridians, Murder and Maritime History

YOUR GUIDE: Tim Barron

Come and explore the ‘home of time’ with Tim. From Royalty to pirates, this corner of London has it all!

Find out how such a beautiful part of London can have such a murky past.

Why has the Royal Observatory Greenwich got 4 meridians? Did Pirate Captain Kidd’s double hanging lead to a new roof on the Royal Naval Hospital ? How did Miss Britain become the fastest lady across the water in 1933? The answers to these and more questions in Tim’s virtual stroll through the Royal Borough of Greenwich

Thursday 11 November 7pm (London time)

London Memorials of WW1


For Armistice Day, a virtual tour of London looking at some of the inspiring, dramatic and poignant memorials to the dead of the First World War.

It was the war to end all wars, the Great War, a new, mechanised form of combat that decimated the young men of Europe.

In this virtual tour we will look at some of London’s memorials the the fallen, from the national commemorations of Lutyens’ Cenotaph to those of individual parishes, regiments and businesses, and reflect on the history and the horrors of the war itself, and the trauma of the losses.

Thursday 18 November 7pm (London time)

Star-Spangled Capital: Americans in London


A week before Thanksgiving, celebrate the ‘special relationship’ with Don’s virtual tour of London sites that commemorate famous Americans.

An enjoyable and fact-packed virtual tour for any Americans interested in the ‘old country’, or for Brits wanting to know a bit more about their capital.

We’ll see statues of Presidents – including Washington, Lincoln and FDR – memorials to writers, artists, poets and musicians; the houses of two of the Founding Fathers; and pay our respects to the American soldiers, sailors and airmen who fought and died in WW2.

On the way we’ll call in to Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral, stroll through Westminster, Mayfair and Soho, visit the home of The Mayflower, and drop in on Walter Raleigh and Captain John Smith.

Tuesday 23 November 6:30pm (London Time)

NEW Crime and Poverty in London’s East End

YOUR GUIDE Rachel Pearson

The East End of London has always been a melting pot of cultures, which has bubbled over into criminal activities on many occasions.

Join Rachel as she traces the path of Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market and beyond to discover some of the old slum areas of London. Once this part of London thronged with immigrants arriving on ships from all over the world. How did these groups fare and why is it that immigrants continued to call this part of London home right through to the last century? As well as looking at some of the racial conflicts that this area has witnessed, the tour will consider the positive legacies these groups have left behind. We will explore the area’s industrial heritage and the recent gentrification that has taken place across Whitechapel and Shoreditch.

There will also be a foray into the murky world of brothels, East End gangsters and witch hunts. Not a tour for the faint-hearted, this will be a gritty look at events that have shaped the East End that we see today.

Sunday 28 November 7pm (London time)

NEW – Oxford University: Legends and Traditions


Discover some of the stranger traditions of Oxford University in this 60 minute Zoom talk.

Why do some of the cleverest people in Britain sing songs as they follow a man carrying a duck on a stick? Why is Oxford time five minutes behind the rest of the UK? When is ‘beating the bounds’, and why would you do this in a department store? Who were the ‘bulldogs’, and what did they do? How do you dress for exams, and just what is ‘matriculation’?

All this and more in Don’s exploration of undergraduate life in the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

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