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Friday 15 Janaury 6pm (London time)

Royal Greenwich

Come and explore the ‘home of time’ with Tim. From Royalty to pirates, this corner of London has it all!

Meridians, Murder and Maritime history. Find out how such a beautiful part of London can have such a murky past.

Why has the Royal Observatory Greenwich got 4 meridians? Did Pirate Captain Kidd’s double hanging lead to a new roof on the Royal Naval Hospital ? How did Miss Britain become the fastest lady across the water in 1933? The answers to these and more questions in Tim’s virtual stroll through the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Sunday 17 January 6pm (London time)

1000 Years of British Rule: Kings and Queens since William the Conqueror

A virtual tour of the key moments of British monarchical history, looking at famous and obscure kings and queens since 1066. [find out more here]

Monday 18 January 7pm (London time)

Street Art: Shoreditch and Spitalfields

Join Leo Heaton for a virtual walking tour of this exciting corner of the capital to discover the very best street art in London.

Shoreditch and Spitalfields are vibrant areas in the East End of London, associated with street food pop-ups, ‘designer’ coffee, hipster culture, and some of the most incredible urban art you will see anywhere in the world.

From huge wall murals and three-dimensional creations to tiny stickers and political ‘paste-ups’, get ready to embrace your inner Banksy for a slice of London at its most contemporary!

Wednesday 20 January 7pm (London Time)

Westminster: City of Power and Glory

Join Don for this online tour as we take a stroll (virtually) through Westminster, visiting the palaces, the abbey and government as we go. [find out more here]

A (virtual) walk through Westminster, taking in the palaces, churches and parliament – and peeking inside 10 Downing Street and Westminster Abbey.

Thursday 21 January 11am (London time)

Welcome to Bath

Discover the City of Bath – UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities in England. Find out more

“Rachel was great…very knowledgeable and interesting tour. I learned a lot and can’t wait to visit

Thursday 21 January 6pm London Time

Ancient Wessex: Stonehenge, Avebury and more

An exploration of the area in southern England famous for its stone circles and a history going back 9,000 years.

Tim Barron takes you on a journey through the Wessex civilisations with the latest scientific discoveries and re-analysis of existing information leading to some astonishing ‘new‘ finds.

Wessex is the ancient title for the area of central southern England notably the rolling chalk lands of Salisbury plain, rich in stone age, bronze age and iron age archaeology. Perhaps the most significant innovation is to look at the spectacular megalith Stonehenge as part of the massive group of significant structures that surround it. To look at it in isolation is akin to studying a Cathedral without referring to a city’s surrounding countryside, its history and religions and most importantly its people.

We will look at over 5000 years of civilisation from the Stone age to the origins of Salisbury cathedral in the 1200s. The ups and downs of earth, stone & wood megastructures, some well known, others less so, some waiting to be explored, others still to be discovered!

Monday 25 January 6pm (London time)

The Wonders of St Paul’s Cathedral

Discover the wonders of this magnificent cathedral in this 60 minute Zoom tour of Christopher Wren’s baroque masterpiece

A true icon of the London skyline, the curved dome of St Paul’s is recognisable the world over, and the Cathedral usually welcomes two million visitors every year.

Blue Badge Tourist Guide Leo Heaton will take you on the historic journey of this most beloved church, and introduce you to some of its treasures. From its early Christian foundation, to the sprawling medieval Gothic structure which burned to the ground in 1666, to the current Baroque masterpiece built by Sir Christopher Wren – come and marvel at a London site with nearly 1500 years of history and faith at its heart.

Tuesday 26 January 7pm (London time)

London’s Burning: The Great Fire of 1666

Find out more about the devastating fire of September 1666 that destroyed 80% of the old City of London.

In this online tour, we’ll trace the progress of the destruction, hear eyewitness accounts and examine the city that emerged from the ashes, including Christopher Wren’s magnificent new St Paul’s.

Thursday 28 January 6pm (London time)

Tales from Tower Hill

The Tower of London, and the area around the castle, has produced some wonderful stories – join Tim as he shares some of those with you. Find out more here

Friday 29 January 6pm (London time) or Tuesday 2 February 6pm

NEW British Prime Ministers since 1721

2021 marks 300 years since the first Prime Minister. How has the job changed since then and what of the people who have held this title?

We’re running this talk twice either side of the weekend. Choose your preferred day/time below

2021 marks 300 years since the creation of the office of Prime Minister. Join Rachel to discover how this role has evolved and changed over the centuries, the separation between monarchy and government, and just why they are also called First Lord of the Treasury.

Brush up on your knowledge of some of those lesser known PMs such as Lord North and Henry John Temple, and refresh your memory as to some of those who are house-hold names such as William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli. Also covered will be the first Prime Minister, the person who held Office for the shortest amount of time (a hotly contested title) and the one Prime Minister to have ever been assassinated.

Monday 1 February 6pm (London time)

NEW Brave and Brilliant Bloomsbury

Join Guest Speaker Laura Adams on a virtual ‘walk’ around beautiful Bloomsbury to discover why it has inspired so many trail-blazing women.

‘Women Inspire’ is a project which reveals the story of remarkable women past and present through blog, podcast, guided walks and talks.

Join Laura Adams from ‘Women Inspire’*, on a Virtual Tour of beautiful Bloomsbury. With its garden squares, Georgian architecture, hidden corners and reputation for world-class education, it has been a magnet for exceptional and trailblazing women.

Hear tales of a pioneering female surgeon, the muslim ‘spy princess’ shot by the Gestapo and Mary Prince, who escaped enslavement to become the first woman of colour to write an autobiography. Meet also the colourful and influential Bloomsbury Group who left an indelible mark on the area.

Thursday 4 February 6pm (London time)

The London Rock n Roll Stroll.

Discover the stories behind London’s rock n roll history – Beatles, Stones, Pistols, Bowie and more. Find out more here

“Fantastic! Tim is knowledgable, enthusiastic and did a great job with the virtual tour.”

“It’s as though Tim was there when it happened! Great insights.”

Sunday 7 February 7pm (London time)

Treasures of the British Museum I – the Ancient World

Join us via Zoom as we look at some of the treasures of the ancient world in the British Museum, London.

“Outstanding. Intelligent, articulate and friendly. You feel involved and inspired, not just led around. His British Museum tour is the only one you really need to do.”

an in-depth look at the Museum highlights with lots of interesting anecdotes. Highly recommended.”

Tuesday 9 February 6pm (London time)

Literary London

Some of the most beloved names in English literature have drawn on London as inspiration for their poems and stories.

What is it about London that has inspired such rich and varied writings? Where can we find evidence of these authors and characters today? Join Rachel as we stroll through parks, explore landmarks and roam the streets following in the footsteps of these literary heroes.

Wednesday 10 February 6pm (London time)

NEW Charles Dickens’ London Life and Times

“You are well acquainted with London now ?” says Pip in Great Expectations to Mr Wemmick. “Why yes I know the moves of it” he replies. In this virtual shall see many of “the moves” with Tim Barron who regularly portrayed the great author at the Museum of London.

Charles Dickens trudged London’s dimly lit alley ways and cobbled streets, passing splendid palaces and notorious prisons. He listened in to the law & language of the city folk, gaining inspiration for his 20 plus books and numerous articles.

We shall ‘virtually’ walk in his footsteps from ‘the Marshalsea’ where 11yr old Charles’s father John was imprisoned, through the legal district, where the young author worked as a clerk and on to the warehouses that inspired Oliver Twist’s ‘home’.

Thursday 11 February 6pm (London time)

NEW Warrior Women of Westminster

From Parliament to Downing Street, the men of Westminster have helped shape the UK. But what about women? Join this virtual tour to find out

‘Women Inspire’ is a project which reveals the story of remarkable women past and present through blog, podcast, guided walks and talks.

Join guest speaker Sue Hyde from ‘Women Inspire’*, on this virtual walking tour around Westminster, the heart of British government. From Parliament to the Prime Minister’s house at 10 Downing Street, it is an area associated with the men of power and influence, but what about the women who have also shaped our history? What are their stories?

Why did the Victorians choose a statue of a Celtic queen from the 1st century AD to inspire them? Our tour around Parliament Square will include key players in the struggle for a woman’s right to vote, and who were the female political pioneers in the early 20th century taking their seats next to the old gentlemen in Parliament?

Sunday 14 February 7pm (London time)

More Treasures of the British Museum

Seven more fantastic objects from the British Museum, including the Lewis Chess Pieces, the Sutton Hoo treasures, a medieval musical instrument and ancient British gold.

“Outstanding. Intelligent, articulate and friendly. You feel involved and inspired, not just led around. His British Museum tour is the only one you really need to do.”

“an in-depth look at the Museum highlights with lots of interesting anecdotes. Highly recommended.”

Wednesday 17 February 6pm (London time)

Kensington: A Royal Love Story

Join Rachel on this Zoom tour of the Royal Borough of Kensington – the Palace, the Gardens, ‘Albertopolis’ and high society. [find out more here]

In this virtual walk we will use the lens of Royal Patronage to explore the history and development of Kensington and how it went from a village to being a hub of academia.

Thursday 25 February 6pm (London time)

Shakespeare’s London Life & Times

Tim Barron, former west end actor, takes you around the London sites associated with England’s most famous playwright. [find out more here]

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