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All tours will be delivered via Zoom and will be 45-60 minutes, plus plenty of time for your questions afterwards. Tickets are just £10 (+ booking fee). You can book direct from the listings below, or just visit our Eventbrite page. We’ve also got a calendar view if you want to see all the month’s events on one sheet.

If you want to book multiple talks (or buy extra tickets for friends and family) why not get a Season Ticket? You can then get five events for the price of just four (and there’s no Eventbrite booking fee) so you save over 30%you’ll find details here.

Friday 23 October 7pm (London time) [2pm EDT, noon PDT]

Welcome to Bath

Discover the City of Bath – UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities in England.

“Rachel was great…very knowledgeable and interesting tour. I learned a lot and can’t wait to visit

Bath’s stunning honey-coloured Georgian architecture is straight from a Jane Austen novel, and its history goes back to the Romans and beyond.

Do you want to know what makes it so unique? And who the people were who helped shape the city that we see today? Then come on this virtual tour with Blue Badge Guide Rachel Pearson and discover a place full of surprises, culture and stories.

Monday 26th October 9am (London time)

1000 Years of British Rule: Kings and Queens since William the Conqueror

A virtual tour of the key moments of British monarchical history, looking at famous and obscure kings and queens since 1066. [find out more here]

Wednesday 28 October 5pm (London time)

The Wonders of St Paul’s Cathedral

Discover the wonders of this magnificent cathedral in this 60 minute Zoom tour of Christopher Wren’s baroque masterpiece

A true icon of the London skyline, the curved dome of St Paul’s is recognisable the world over, and the Cathedral usually welcomes two million visitors every year.

Blue Badge Tourist Guide Leo Heaton will take you on the historic journey of this most beloved church, and introduce you to some of its treasures. From its early Christian foundation, to the sprawling medieval Gothic structure which burned to the ground in 1666, to the current Baroque masterpiece built by Sir Christopher Wren – come and marvel at a London site with nearly 1500 years of history and faith at its heart.

Thursday 29 October 6pm (London time)

NEW From Imperial Outpost to World City: a short history of London

A canter through 2,000 years of the history of the greatest city in the world, from the Romans to the present day.

How did a Roman trading post rise to become the biggest city the world had ever seen, the capital of the biggest empire the world had ever seen? And how did it reinvent itself for a post-imperial age?

Discover the history of the world’s greatest city, as we take in the Romans (who founded Londinium), the anglo-saxons (who made it their capital), the Normans (who built its castles), through the Tudors and beyond, to the Victorians (who made it huge) and then to the 20th and 21st centuries.

We’ll encounter invasions, wars, plagues, fires and worse; look at the trade, industry and people that made it rich; meet the immigrants – from the rest of the British Isles and around the globe – that made it the most dynamic city in the world.

And we’ll do all of that in just 60 minutes.

Friday 30 October 7pm (London time)

Kensington: A Royal Love Story

Join Rachel on this Zoom tour of the Royal Borough of Kensington – the Palace, the Gardens, ‘Albertopolis’ and high society. [find out more here]

Sunday 1st November 6pm (London Time)

Westminster: City of Power and Glory

Join Don for this online tour as we take a stroll (virtually) through Westminster, visiting the palaces, the abbey and government as we go. [find out more here]

A (virtual) walk through Westminster, taking in the palaces, churches and parliament – and peeking inside 10 Downing Street and Westminster Abbey.

Monday 2nd November 6pm (London Time)

UK Tours Online Chat: London Buildings

Join the five of us as we chat about our favourite – and some of our least favourite – London buildings in the latest of our free events

There are over 3 million buildings in London – palaces, castles, cathedrals, office blocks, shops, factories, places of worship, warehouses, theatres, and more, and millions of houses.

Join us for another free event as we share our favourites, and some of the ones we would happily demolish.

Wednesday 4th November 7pm (London Time)

Discover the Churchill War Rooms

Step back in time as we reveal the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker in this virtual tour. Find out more here

“good materials and spins good stories”

“Well done presentation — organized, knowledgeable, and passionate”

“amazing and so interesting”

Tuesday 10th November 7pm (London Time)

NEW William Shakespeare and Stratford upon Avon

Discover the birthplace of England’s greatest playwright, as we look at the life and times of Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon in this 60 minute virtual tour. Find out more here

Come with us on a 60 minute virtual tour of the town of Shakespeare’s birth – Stratford upon Avon, a market town with more than 800 years of history.

Sunday 15th November 6pm (London Time)

NEW Exploring the London Blitz

Discover the story of the bombing campaign that became known as ‘The Blitz’, when London was the front line of WW2 for nine months. Find out more here

“organised, knowledgeable, informative, and personably presented”

Don’s presentation was excellent. The visual aids, maps, and contemporary photos formed a dynamic background for his expert narration. I wholeheartedly recommend this talk!

Thursday 3 December 6pm (London time)

The London Rock n Roll Stroll.

Discover the stories behind London’s rock n roll history – Beatles, Stones, Pistols, Bowie and more. Find out more here

“Fantastic! Tim is knowledgable, enthusiastic and did a great job with the virtual tour.”

“It’s as though Tim was there when it happened! Great insights.”

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