Our tours: Poets, Precipitation and Pencils

RACHEL PEARSON takes us on a virtual tour of the English lakes – loved by walkers, tourists and romantic poets for generations.

The Lake District is one of the most scenic areas of England. With majestic mountains, breath-taking views and crystal-clear lakes; there is plenty for any fan of the countryside to enjoy.

But this area is more than just a pretty face. Join Rachel as she discusses the ancient origins of this part of the world, some of the poets and writers who have been inspired by its beauty, the often over-looked towns and cities and how this came to be such a tourist hot-spot. Rachel, who was born in the Lakes, will also reveal the success behind a locally produced mint flavoured sweet and why this area is known for its pencils!

To see when this tour is next taking place, visit our ‘forthcoming tours‘ page.

If you would like to arrange this as a private tour for a group, organisation, family or others, please email us to find out more.

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