Our tours: 1000 Years of British Rule – Kings and Queens since William the Conqueror

Do you know your Stuarts from your Tudors? How about which King signed Magna Carta? Do you know how many Kings called Edward there have been on the throne? How about how many Queens?

In this condensed look at the history of the British Monarchy, RACHEL PEARSON will steer us through some of the key moments in British Monarchic history including the Norman Conquest, the Wars of the Roses, the Tudor dynasty, the split that took place between Parliament and Monarchy and the flamboyant Georgian era.

The talk will touch briefly on the 20th century, but will largely focus on the centuries before this. It will also consider how a royal line of succession that today is seemingly so well established, has overcome years of trouble; when men and women found themselves in line to reign almost by accident.

To see when this tour is next taking place, visit our ‘forthcoming tours‘ page.

If you would like to arrange this as a private tour for a group, organisation, family or others, please email us to find out more.

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