Our tours: Southwark and the South Bank

Southwark, on the south side of the river Thames, has a history as long and fascinating as any part of north London, but it is not as well known.

Perhaps this is because over the centuries debtors prisons, abattoirs, primitive hospitals, bawdy taverns and heavy industry have been located here. For many years, Londoners travelled across the river at their own risk!

Today this part of London boasts a thriving market, a cathedral, the tallest building in the UK and a WW2 battleship. There are connections to John Harvard and Sir Francis Drake, not to mention William Shakespeare. In this UK Tours Online talk, get to know this colourful area and judge for yourself whether South London has a rather maligned reputation!

To see when this tour is next taking place, visit our ‘forthcoming tours‘ page.

If you would like to arrange this as a private tour for a group, organisation, family or others, please email us to find out more.

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