Square Stories

Another of our free ‘chats’, the five of us talking about some of our favourite squares in London, Bath and Oxford. There’s history, architecture and some myths and tall tales, not to mention a suggestion to commit treason at the next coronation. The video of the evening is below. Emma talked about the aristocratic splendourContinue reading “Square Stories”

Favourite (and least favourite) London Buildings

Another of our free ‘chats’ this evening, as the five of us talked about the buildings in London that we love – and the ones that we’d be quite happy to see flattened by bulldozers. The video of the evening is below. And to see just where in London these buildings are, visit our GoogleContinue reading “Favourite (and least favourite) London Buildings”

Our tours: The Churchill War Rooms

Step back in time as DON BROWN reveals the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker in this virtual tour. We’ll go behind the scenes at the Churchill War Rooms, looking into the Cabinet Room, the top secret Map Room and into Churchill’s bedroom. Hear about the tense meetings during the dark days of 1940, Churchill’s fraughtContinue reading “Our tours: The Churchill War Rooms”