Lunchtime ‘Lites’

So far our talks have mainly been in the evenings (UK time), but in response to those of you asking for something during the day, may we introduce our ‘lunchtime lites’.

These are either brand new talks or shorter versions of others, tailored to give you an interesting, informative and entertaining break during your day.

All of the talks are just £6 and will last 30 minutes (plus time for questions), delivered via Zoom as usual. The perfect break during your working day!

Season tickets – save up to 38%

If you want to come to multiple lunchtime lites, why not buy a season ticket? For just £20 (29% off the regular price and Eventbrite booking cost) you can come to any four of the talks, and for £35 (38% off the regular price and Eventbrite booking cost) we will register you for any eight of your choice. Just click on the appropriate grey ‘pay with paypal’ button (you can pay by credit or debit card, or paypal).

4 talks – Save 29%


Any 8 talks – save 38%


Wednesday 9th December 12:30pm (London time)

Lunchtime Lite British Museum: four great objects

An eclectic mix of treasures from the thousands on display in the British Museum to give you and idea of the breadth and depth of what you can discover within the museum’s walls. There is the Rosetta Stone, which unlocked the secret of ancient Egyptians hieroglyphs; a colossal statue from Rapa Nui (Easter Island); a pair of stunning blue and white Chinese vases from the Yuan dynasty and the Lewis chess pieces.

Friday 11th December 12:45pm (London time)

Lunchtime Lite Kensington Artists: Lord Leighton and friends

Lord Leighton, one of Queen Victoria’s favourite painters, was the only artist ever to be made a Lord. He built himself an extraordinary studio house complete with Arab Hall in London’s Kensington and surrounded himself with artists. They became known as the Holland Park Circle. Spend 30 minutes finding out about them with guide and art historian Emma in this lunchtime tour.

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