Wing Commander Heagerty’s Sugar Lumps

During WW2 certain foods (as well as fuel and clothing) were rationed. One of the main privations – given the British love of tea – was sugar; everyone was restricted to 8oz (half a pound, about 230gms) of the white stuff each week. When the Imperial War Museum took over the War Rooms in theContinue reading “Wing Commander Heagerty’s Sugar Lumps”

The Great British Pub

The five of us recorded our first joint ‘chat’ this evening where we discussed pubs – their history, their names, and our favourites. We travelled (virtually) to Liverpool, Oxford, London and the Cotswolds and shared some stories on the way (including Paul McCartney’s surprise pub rock gig, where Bill Clinton ‘smoked, but didn’t inhale’ andContinue reading “The Great British Pub”

The Treasures of the British Museum

The first of our virtual tours has been scheduled for Wednesday 17 June at 6pm (London Time) when Don Brown will take you round the British Museum to show you some of its treasures. This tour will look at the ancient world – the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles, Rome, Assyria and ancient Egypt. YouContinue reading “The Treasures of the British Museum”