Our tours: Tales from Tower Hill

TIM BARRON shares some of the wonderful stories about the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the area surrounding ‘Her Majesty’s Palace and Fortress’. We start our virtual tour of historic Tower Hill on the North bank of the River Thames overlooking her Majesty’s Palace and fortress the Tower of London. Let’s circle this UNESCOContinue reading “Our tours: Tales from Tower Hill”

Our tours: A History of Tea Drinking

RACHEL PEARSON gives a short history of that quintessentially British beverage – the cuppa! When people think of the UK, they often think of grey skies (rain!), soldiers in big black furry hats and, more often than not, tea being drunk in vast quantities. In this talk on the history of tea drinking, we willContinue reading “Our tours: A History of Tea Drinking”

London 2012: What happened next

This time eight years ago, London was getting ready to host the Olympic Games. They turned out to be one of the most successful Games in recent history for a variety of reasons:  8.8 million tickets were available for events, and on the busiest day over 3 million spectator journeys were made in London alone Continue reading “London 2012: What happened next”

Our tours: Street Art: Shoreditch and Spitalfields

Join LEO HEATON for a virtual walking tour of this exciting corner of the capital to discover the very best street art in London. Shoreditch and Spitalfields are vibrant areas in the East End of London, associated with street food pop-ups, ‘designer’ coffee, hipster culture, and some of the most incredible urban art you willContinue reading “Our tours: Street Art: Shoreditch and Spitalfields”

Our tours: The Churchill War Rooms

Step back in time as DON BROWN reveals the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker in this virtual tour. We’ll go behind the scenes at the Churchill War Rooms, looking into the Cabinet Room, the top secret Map Room and into Churchill’s bedroom. Hear about the tense meetings during the dark days of 1940, Churchill’s fraughtContinue reading “Our tours: The Churchill War Rooms”

Our tours: More Treasures of the British Museum

DON BROWN shows us some more of the greatest treasures of the British Museum in this 60 minute Zoom tour of seven objects associated with Britain. “Outstanding. Intelligent, articulate and friendly. You feel involved and inspired, not just led around. His British Museum tour is the only one you really need to do.” “an in-depthContinue reading “Our tours: More Treasures of the British Museum”

Our tours: Churchill, a Very Full Life

DON BROWN examines the life of this complex character through the places in London where he lived and worked. Over the course of his long life Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), was involved in most of the great events of the period. As well as his life in politics, we’ll discuss his long marriage and hisContinue reading “Our tours: Churchill, a Very Full Life”

Our tours: Shakespeare’s London Life and Times

TIM BARRON, former west end actor, takes you around the London sites associated with England’s most famous playwright. We ‘meet’ in the Roman amphitheatre rediscovered in 1988 below The Guild Hall to talk of London’s fantastically rich theatrical heritage. Then it’s over the river to the historic coaching inn, The George to imagine a touringContinue reading “Our tours: Shakespeare’s London Life and Times”

Our tours: Kensington: A Royal Love Story

RACHEL PEARSON takes us for a tour of the Royal Borough of Kensington – the Palace, the Gardens, ‘Albertopolis’ and high society. The borough of Kensington in central London is rich in culture, arts and science, but it hasn’t always been this way. Originally a little village located outside the boundary of the city, itContinue reading “Our tours: Kensington: A Royal Love Story”

Our tours: Treasures of the British Museum I – the ancient world

DON BROWN shares some of the greatest treasures of the ancient world in this 60 minute Zoom tour of the British Museum. “Outstanding. Intelligent, articulate and friendly. You feel involved and inspired, not just led around. His British Museum tour is the only one you really need to do.” “an in-depth look at the MuseumContinue reading “Our tours: Treasures of the British Museum I – the ancient world”