Square Stories

Another of our free ‘chats’, the five of us talking about some of our favourite squares in London, Bath and Oxford. There’s history, architecture and some myths and tall tales, not to mention a suggestion to commit treason at the next coronation. The video of the evening is below. Emma talked about the aristocratic splendourContinue reading “Square Stories”

Favourite (and least favourite) London Buildings

Another of our free ‘chats’ this evening, as the five of us talked about the buildings in London that we love – and the ones that we’d be quite happy to see flattened by bulldozers. The video of the evening is below. And to see just where in London these buildings are, visit our GoogleContinue reading “Favourite (and least favourite) London Buildings”

Our tours: Southwark and the South Bank

Southwark, on the south side of the river Thames, has a history as long and fascinating as any part of north London, but it is not as well known. Perhaps this is because over the centuries debtors prisons, abattoirs, primitive hospitals, bawdy taverns and heavy industry have been located here. For many years, Londoners travelledContinue reading “Our tours: Southwark and the South Bank”

Our tours: Exploring the London Blitz

Between September 1940 and May 1941, London was bombed nearly every night, with tens of thousands killed or wounded, and millions of homes destroyed or damaged. Night after night, the population of the world’s biggest city was forced into shelters, basements and tube stations as the Luftwaffe tried to destroy the city and the moraleContinue reading “Our tours: Exploring the London Blitz”

Our tours: Shakespeare and Stratford

Come along as DON BROWN takes us on a 60 minute virtual tour of the town of Shakespeare’s birth – Stratford upon Avon, a market town with more than 800 years of history. This beautiful town still contains many buildings that would have been familiar to Shakespeare, many of them preserved and restored. We’ll lookContinue reading “Our tours: Shakespeare and Stratford”

Our forthcoming events – on google calendar

As we add more events (we’re just putting together our November programme, including a range of shorter, lunchtime, talks – more news on those soon), our page of forthcoming events starts looking a little crowded. So we’ve put everything onto a Google calendar, which we’ll update as new things go in. This lets you seeContinue reading “Our forthcoming events – on google calendar”

Our next charity event

After the success of our first charity talk, which – through your generosity – raised £630 for Prostate Cancer UK, we’ve scheduled another event on 20 October. Emma will be doing her virtual tour of Old Chelsea, to tell us what brought Kings, courtesans, actors and artists to Chelsea from the 1500s up to theContinue reading “Our next charity event”