Spirit of the Blitz

Our friend, and fellow guide, Marc Blake has only gone and published a book.

Called ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ this young adult thriller is set during the height of the bombing of London in WW2 and will make a perfect addition to any mystery fan’s bookshelf.

During the Blitz of 1940, many thousands of Londoners sheltered in the Underground. On the very first day, twelve-year-old William Lumley, his mother, and little sister Aggie are bombed out. Fleeing to the safety of the Tube, they begin a subterranean existence and Will befriends the station marshal, Mr Sands. Although they are protected from the constant bombing above, there is great danger underneath the streets. There’s a gang of spivs as well as temptation and frustration in the form of Will’s fickle cousin Evie. But worst of all an evil, malignant being lurks deep in the tunnels, appearing at night to steal the children away. Only Will has seen the beast, but can he find a way to convince others of the danger amidst the chaos and destruction of war-torn London?

You can get a copy via Amazon, here.

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