The Great British Pub

The five of us recorded our first joint ‘chat’ this evening where we discussed pubs – their history, their names, and our favourites. We travelled (virtually) to Liverpool, Oxford, London and the Cotswolds and shared some stories on the way (including Paul McCartney’s surprise pub rock gig, where Bill Clinton ‘smoked, but didn’t inhale’ and the Gin Craze of the 1700s. Watch the video below.

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And below you’ll find the map of the pubs mentioned, plus one or two others of note.

And tell us your favourite and why – just use the ‘leave a reply’ section below – we’ll update the map with your choices.

3 thoughts on “The Great British Pub

  1. Wonderful talk – we lunched at “The Phil” in Liverpool last fall, quite a beautiful spot. We were served our lunch and pints by Lisa, the barmaid who pulled pints with James Corden when Sir Paul performed.
    In London, we have had several lunches at The Grenadier in Belgravia – on the mews behind The Berkeley Hotel. It’s a former officers’ mess for the Grenadier Guards, quite authentic!


  2. I love the Jekyll & Hyde in Birmingham. Downstairs it’s a proper ‘pub’, upstairs it’s a gin bar and parlour. What’s not to love?


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